Are you experiencing a time of crisis?

Are you stuck?

Are you ready to claim control over your life?

Living in 2024 is a test of massive proportion. Never before has so much radical change been occurring at such a rapid pace. When crisis hit it's easy to get lost and feel powerless.

Hi my name is Bo and I really want to help you find your way back into yourself and your power, so that you can recreate your life on your terms.

Live your dreams is a step by step course that meets you where you are and shows how to take your power back.

Does this sound familiar, do you feel like this?

"My life has been turned upside down, now I am drifting aimlessly just going through the motions feeling unmotivated, uninspired and stuck?"

"I am recently divorced and feel alone, isolated and disconnected from my heart, purpose and passion?"

"I am in a midlife rut, I feel like a slave to my addictions, bad habits and poor choices. It makes me angry and sad that I have no self control."
Do you want to break the negative spiral? Do you want forward momentum so you can be...

Motivated, Inspired and Living Your Dream.

Healthy. Happy, Proud and Empowered.

Socializing more, living with purpose, connected to your heart, with fiery passion?

Abundant, Prosperous and Confidant in your abilities.

Back in the drivers seat and fully trusting your choices.

The Solution

Get clear on whats working and whats not working.

Learn to let go of unhealthy patterns, make more space in your body and life for things that serve and inspire you.

Live heart centered and make space for your soul to express itself. Shining and radiating your passion and purpose in thoughts, words and actions.

Create powerful rituals to ground you hard work and celebration of the new you.
Realizing, recognizing and knowing that you are the creator of your own life.

Embody a daily commitment to yourself, with routines that are attainable and simple that inspires you to actualizing your dreams.

Meet Bo

With over 25 years and 10,000 hours of training and experience as a Life Coach and Energy, Sound healer and high performance sports coach he has perfected tools and techniques for his clients' personal empowerment and has helped them manifest their most valued goals with crystal clarity.

Bo applied his concepts and organized them in what is now "Live Your Dreams". A transformational journey to rediscover your passion, your potential and your purpose so that YOU can live YOUR happy life. Align your thoughts, words and actions, and open up to the limitless power within YOU.

YOUR coach and Guide
Bo Nielsen, Life Empowerment Coach
Why this course is uniquely tailored for you:
Finally you will become Master of your own Ship.
Live Your Dreams will change every aspect of your life and improve your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Commit to the program and you will start seeing the changes take place gradually over a course of 12 weeks. You can expect to be completely transformed...For change will come.

Most importantly, You will be equipped with tangible skills, tools, and practices to LIVE YOUR DREAMS loooong after the course is over.
The Benefits
What you will get out of this course
  • A roadmap to get you through any crisis
  • Increased Joy and Gratitude.
  • Greater Self-Confidence and Self-Love.
  • Release of Negative Thought Patterns, Beliefs and Habits.
  • Improved Mental Clarity and Focus.
  • Healing of Past Trauma and Embracing a Positive Future.
  • Greater Presence, Inner Peace, and Intuition.
  • Clearer Vision of Life Purpose and How to Achieve it.
See What People Have to Say:
  • "A Life Changing Coach"
    Jen Lalor
    US women's National Team Member
    "Bo is by far the most influential coach I've ever had. I am a product of his work. He is a true professional in every way."
  • "A Transcendent Experience"
    Nik Bhowmick, M.A. - Owner of Digital Agency
    "Live Your Dreams is power in its simplicity. I loved the community aspect and the practicality of the exercises. Guaranteed Results."
  • "Miraculous Results"
    Amie Becker, GM at San Diego SeaLions, Pacific Regional Commissioner WPSL
    "I had miraculous results from the session. I would recommend anyone experiencing any type of issue to be open to trying this. You just might be surprised. It works! Thank you, Bo!!"
Live Your Dreams Course Includes
  • Live Your Dreams course.
  • Live your Dreams workbook.
  • Weekly live online coaching by course creator Bo Nielsen 60 minutes on Zoom.
  • Weekly live Q and A session 60 minutes on Zoom.
  • Course duration, 24 weeks of coaching and Q and A.
  • Qi Gong, Video with instruction.
  • Meditation.
  • Course begins April 15th.
  • Support from the other course attendees and Live Your Dreams community. (Facebook)
  • Personal coaching with Bo, Get 2 X 30 minutes one on one call with Coach and course designer Bo Nielsen - A $200 value offer
Bo's Previous Clients Include:
How the Program Works
1. Slow It Down, Break It Down
First, let's identify your biggest challenges and assess where you are today. What do you carry that holds you back from acting on your dreams?
Releasing unwanted mental and emotional baggage with the TCRR process.
Reawaken Your Heart
Get back in touch with your heart, start to feel, listen and act from what your heart desires.
Create Your Dream
Get clear on your dreams, redesign and upgrade your values and how you show up in the world.
Celebrate the New YOU
Initiation of the new upgraded version of you, make it a celebration or a ceremony.
Action Blueprint and Application
Get a step-by-step action plan to implement to Live Your dreams.
Full Live Your Dreams Course
& Course Workbook

Lifetime Access
to recorded weekly coaching calls and Q and A, from Zoom

Lifetime Access to the Qi gong for Endless Energy - A $99 value offer.

Personal Coaching with Bo
Get 2 X 30 minutes one on one call with Coach and course designer Bo Nielsen - A $200 value offer.
Liberate Your True Self.
Manifest Your Goals.
Live Your Dreams.

Course starts in: