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Are you ready to embark on a journey towards inner peace, relaxation, and profound self-discovery? If you're feeling stressed, overwhelmed and disconnected from yourself and in need of a reset, you've come to the right place. My holistic approach, combining Coaching with the art of Massage Therapy and the transformative power of Sound Healing, offers a unique pathway to deep relaxation, self-connection, and inner harmony with a plan to realize your dreams if you so desire.

My Blog
Hi Friends, old, new and incoming.
I am chiming in with an announcement!!
I am rolling out a new program this spring. This program "Start Over to Live Your Dreams'' takes you from where you are today, to a clear path based on your dreams and desires. This is for people who are looking for a fresh start by installing sustainable, healthy strategies for reinventing and realigning themselves this year.
Does your life feel turned upside down, inside out, or have you radically changed your life and/or living situation? Do you want to live with more purpose and passion? If so, consider this your sign to work with me..
If you feel like you are in crisis or need support recovering from one, you could see this as a paradigm shifting opportunity. All crises are blessings in disguise.

  • This was one of the most powerful forms of healing I have ever experienced. It's basically a massage from the inside out. Bo strums and Read More
    Andrew B
    Vista, Ca
  • From the moment you step into Bo Nielsen's serene and welcoming healing space, you are enveloped in an aura of tranquility and positivity. His exceptional Read More
    Chris L
    Del Mar
  • You can't go wrong with Bo Nielsen. He is a very talented healer. The session he offers is tailored to your needs and he take his time connecting with you before Read More
    Azumi G
    Carlsbad, Ca
  • I attended Bo and Natalie's sound healing workshop at Ginseng Yoga, and it was pure bliss. It was the most varied sound healing I've ever experienced Read More
    Codi H
    North Park
Prior Clients
Activate Synergy Services
Massage and Sound Healing Combination
Sound Healing
Massage & Sound Healing
House Call

Bliss Package $299,
Synergy Package $399

Our Sound Healing Chair is a sanctuary for your nervous system, a respite for your mind, and a journey into profound relaxation. It offers an opportunity to go deep within yourself, grounding and expanding your consciousness simultaneously. It allows you to physically connect with the vibrations of sound, opening the gateway to self-discovery, emotional release, and physical and energetic alignment. It purifies your body, releases stuck energy, and brings you harmony, alignment, and a state of readiness to receive new insights.

Bliss Packet
60 minutes massage

30 Acoustic sound
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Synergy Packet
90 minutes massage

60 Acoustic sound
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Acoustic Sound Healing
Sound Healing

Receiver sits comfortably in chair while strings are played by Sound practitioner.

Vibrations from the strings are carried through the soundboard into the physical body. Notes resonate and are felt throughout the body during the Healing Experience.

Explore your deepest senses: feel, hear and surrender to brilliant musical overtones with touches of rich bass harmoniously reducing stress while creating a peaceful meditative state. You'll soon be transported into a cosmic dream of sonic relaxation expanding your mind into a blissful oasis of rest.

Massage Modalities

  • Sports Massage
  • Deep Tissue / Pain Relief
  • Swedish
  • Relaxation / Circulatory
  • Injury / Recovery
  • Pregnacy
  • Lomi Lomi
  • Cupping
  • Violet Ray
  • Moxa
Vibrational Therapies and Massage
  • I had miraculous results from the session, which I myself cannot explain (I'm sure Bo can). I would recommend anyone experiencing any type of issue to be open to trying this before spending a bunch of money on Read More
    Amie Becker, General Manager San Diego SeaLions, Pacific Regional Commissioner WPSL, San Diego
    San Diego
  • Sound, light and bodywork therapy will change your frequency, raise your consciousness and heal pain naturally. Read More
    Amelia Hall, Staff writer The Life Connection Magazine July 2015
    Miami Fl
  • "I had a sample of Bo Nielsen's music therapy. I felt so clear, lovely, light and at peace in just that one short time. I felt I could trust his therapeutic work. I made the soonest appointment." Read More
    Lilya Chuang
    Imperial Beach
  • You can't go wrong with Bo Nielsen. He is a very talented healer. The session he offers is tailored to your needs and he take his time connecting with you before Read More
    Doug Heyes, M.A. San Diego
  • Bo has treated my 11 year old daughter for a variety of sports-related injuries. The most significant of those was a severe ankle sprain. After acupuncture reduced the swelling, traditional medicine' Read More
    Meghan S, Del Sur
  • "I had the great pleasure of having a sound and light healing session with Bo. He truly did some amazing work. I had a couple of serious operations. Read More
    Henrik Hansen, San Francisco
  • "I severely sprained my ankle on March 18, 2014. At soccer practice my team was scrimmaging, there was a loose ball and I got to the ball first, Read More
    Valeria Newcomb, Carmel Valley
  • "My experience with Bo during a sound and color session was very profound. I had been holding on to a lot of stress in my stomach area and after the session it was gone. He is very caring and sensitive to his client's needs. I highly recommend him."
    Vanessa C, Miami
  • "I've worked with many different kinds of healers. What I want to tell you about Bo's work is that it has been the most effective healing modality I have ever encountered. Read More
    Suellen F, Carlsbad
  • "I hurt my heel after running many practices on an uneven ground. My heel had pounding pain when I stepped on it." Read More
    P. Greenberg, Rancho Santa Fe
  • "Bo is by far the most influential coach I've ever had. I am a product of his work. He is a true professional in every way." Read More
    Jen Lalor, US Women's National Team Member, New Jersey
  • "I have also seen the result of Bo's individual Training expertise. He has worked with one of our players for over a year. She is without question the fittest Read More
    Charles Duccilli, New York Power Assistant Coach, Women's United Soccer Association
  • Coach Bo helped to set the stage for me as a confident young female. Since having Bo as a mentor, I have had success outside of athletics as well. Read More
    Sarah Devine, BA in Cognitive Psychology and MA in Athletic Administration, Irvine Ca,