Massage Therapy
In Studio 60/90 Minute Massage
60 Minutes Massage $120
90 Minutes Massage $180
House Call 60/90 Minute Massage
House Call 60 minutes $160
House Call 90 minutes $220
Massages Available

Sports Massage
A sports massage caters to the athletic person who runs, bikes, swims, plays sports or other physically strenuous activities. A massage session is very beneficial before, during or after competition. A sports massage can be tailor made to fit certain types of sports and activities with various approaches to be utilized like stretching and PNF. Using classic combinations of sports stretches, compressions, and deep-tissue work, this massage restores mobility, vitality, and body comfort.
Deep Tissue / Pain Relief
Deep Tissue focuses on overworked and locked muscles with deep and intense therapeutic massage techniques. Designed to relieve pain and range of motion associated with muscle knots, heavy physical/ repetitive activities and everyday stress. This therapy is deliberate and customized to target specific areas in need of relief.
Relaxation / Circulatory
A lighter and more flowing style of massage with focus on moving lymph and fluids to support a healthy flow in the body and improve oxygen intake. Techniques and strokes are performed to enhance relaxation.
This customized therapeutic massage targets muscle and tension relief, promotes relaxation and enhances your total body wellness, leaving your mind, body, and spirit soothed and relaxed.
Injury / Recovery
Regain joint mobility and relax tight and locked muscles around recent or old injuries. Helps to increase circulation and unlock frozen muscles with deep tissue and other release techniques. Breaking up scar tissue is an important part of Injury and recovery massage.
You Call It / Intuitive
How do you want your massage? Some deep work on the neck and shoulders and relaxation for the rest of the body? Relief for your lower back and legs? Or allow the Therapist to find tense and locked areas and work it out. It's up to you.
This full-body massage targets arm and leg swelling, helps relieve aches and pains especially low back. Depending on trimester front and side positions may be adjusted.
Lomi Lomi
Lomi Lomi is a Hawaiian style of massage with long strokes and various techniques.
Lymphatic Massage
Also known as manual lymphatic drainage, is a specialized type of medical massage that uses light pressure to mobilize the lymphatic system, which lies directly beneath the skin.

Complementary Treatments Available

Infratonic 8000
The Infratonic 8000 is a FDA 510(K) listed therapeutic massager that emits low frequency vibrational sound waves that dissolve cellular trauma. It is a groundbreaking advance sound therapy with multifunctional applications for increased circulation, muscle relaxation and relief from pain which all contribute to accelerated healing.

Violet Ray
A violet ray sends oxygen into the body and therefore assists with reducing pain, increase circulation and reduce inflammation. Also very beneficial to apply in the early stages of an oncoming cold, apply on throat, neck and temples for headache and migraines. Developed by Nicola Tesla.