Bliss & Synergy Package
Massage & Sound Healing
Bliss Package $299,
Synergy Package $399

Sound healing is an extraordinary modality that identifies, transforms and releases the areas in your body and mind that are blocked, locked and hidden. This transformative journey begins by using sound as a purifier, gradually clearing and harmonizing your physical and energetic body. Through this process, you begin to feel more complete, grounded, free, and open, ready to embrace new experiences and a brighter future. Sound healing is your opportunity to release, rejuvenate, and reset, unlocking the potential for a transformative journey that aligns your body, mind, and spirit.

This modality offers a deep sense of peace and relaxation, a higher connection to your own spirit, and a path toward healing and letting go, providing clarity, purpose, and a newfound alignment with your true self. It's a timeout for your nervous system, a moment of respite for your overactive mind, a doorway to discovering new layers of self, and an opportunity to reconnect with yourself and your heart.
Bliss Package
60 minutes massage

30 Acoustic sound

(Service takes 120 minutes)
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Synergy Package
90 minutes massage

60 Acoustic sound

(Service takes 180 minutes)
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