Sound Healing
Acoustic Sound Chair
1 x 60 Minutes = $150
✓ Resets your nervous system
✓ Relaxes your mind
✓ Eliminates your stress
✓ Relieves your pain
✓ Improves your sleep
✓ Increases your focus
✓ Enhances your self-awareness
Receiver sits comfortably in chair while strings are played by Sound Healer.

Vibrations from the strings are carried through the soundboard into the physical body. The physical body receives the soft waves of vibration, slowly increasing to more tangible and stronger sensations. Harmonic waves are heard and felt throughout the entire body continuously stimulating you're cells to resonate along.

Sound healing is an extraordinary modality that identifies, transforms and releases the areas in your body and mind that are blocked, locked and hidden. This transformative journey begins by using sound as a purifier, gradually clearing and harmonizing your physical and energetic body. Through this process, you begin to feel more complete, grounded, free, and open, ready to embrace new experiences and a brighter future. Sound healing is your opportunity to release, rejuvenate, and reset, unlocking the potential for a transformative journey that aligns your body, mind, and spirit.

This modality offers a deep sense of peace and relaxation, a higher connection to your own spirit, and a path toward healing and letting go, providing clarity, purpose, and a newfound alignment with your true self. It's a timeout for your nervous system, a moment of respite for your overactive mind, a doorway to discovering new layers of self, and an opportunity to reconnect with yourself and your heart.

Explore your deepest senses: feel, hear and surrender to brilliant musical overtones with touches of rich bass harmoniously reducing stress while creating a peaceful meditative state. You'll soon be transported into a deep meditative state like in a cosmic dream of sonic relaxation expanding your mind into a blissful oasis of rest.

What to expect from a session.
Everbody's experience will be different due to the fact that we are very differently build and have experienced different things in life. How you will experience acoustic sound healing will depend on your ability to relax and how your body and energy field will react to the acoustic sound.

How does it work?
  • All cells and fluids in your body will resonate and "dance" to the same harmonic wave of the instrument.
  • The sonic wave acts like a conductor in an orchestra, unifying the musicians (cells and fluids) to play in harmony.
  • The effects are very therapeutic while relaxing the central nervous system, eliminating stress and bringing deep peace and relaxation.
  • The healing overtones act as a conduit, opening the body to release a multitude of ailments ranging from physical pain to unresolved stored emotional pain.

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