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My Dark Night Of The Soul,

This is my personal story, background and insights into how and why the course "Start over and live your dreams" came to be.

As a kid I remember the joy of movement and play, this translated into playing multiple sports organized as well as recreational. Movement was expressed in dance and martial arts. I played soccer in my local small town club and I was often hanging out around the local sports center. The soccer director approached me and asked me to become coach for the youngest age group 6-7 years olds. I was super excited and had to ask my mom and dad first since I was only 14 years old. This was my first coaching experience and coaching would stay with me until the end of my time. I coached soccer, volleyball, until I finally took the leap of faith and traveled to the US with the dream of becoming a professional soccer coach.

After many years of coaching high performance athletes running camps and clinics. It all came crashing down within 6 months when my marriage ended and my soccer business was stolen from me. This was the catalyst that began a self-sabotaging spiral. Most of my anger was directed towards the man who tricked me out of my business, I was so angry and I wanted revenge. Many dark thoughts were directed towards getting even and settling the score so to speak. It must have been higher powers that prevented me from taking my anger into action since I never actually did anything about it. All the build up anger had no place to go and I did not realize that I became the victim of the situation. In order to deal with this I began my escape and numbing self-sabotaging spiral. My choice was to get high and smoke enough weed to deal with my anger, loneliness and loss of my business. This pattern continued for about 14 months until the excessive weed use gave me an extremely painful physical condition. Through my marijuana use I developed hemorrhoids and I finally hit rock bottom with stage 4 hemoriods. This was so painful that I was screaming in pain rolling around on the floor. This very moment I had an insight, a moment of clarity, I suddenly realized I had done all this to myself. Nobody forced me to act this way. I saw that I had taken on the role of the victim of my circumstances. I realized that I had numbed and escaped from myself in order to deal with my losses and my anger.. At that moment I understood I can create success and failure by my own will. This gave me the strength to seek help from a naturopath that helped me with the physical condition. I also began to seek help from my community and friends.

The first thing I had to do was to forgive myself for the pain and suffering I had caused. I remember how I instantly felt better as the tears started to fall, it was not complete in one sitting and took many more times to come to terms with my personal forgiveness. From this place I now understood the power of forgiveness, and I began to forgive the person responsible for my business loss. This was very difficult in the beginning, but the reward was my personal freedom and understanding that I had directed much anger, hate and thoughts of revenge. This charge had to be channeled out of my physical and energetic body. Forgiveness was the best medicine for me and it allowed me to move forward building myself back up. Starting over is a beautiful opportunity to reinvent oneself and I have done so as consciously as I was able to at the time. This important time gave me a chance to evaluate myself and rethink my values, my beliefs and how I wish to show up in the world. Since I was just coming out of pain, despair and escape. There was a blank canvas and I began to feel into what kind of a man I wanted to become. I began to focus more on the inside and how I would feel about things and make adjustments in alignment with my new blueprint of core values..

Going through an experience like this as a coach and therapist was embarrassing and I refused to ask for help even though I had many competent friends in the community. After I came to terms with my self inflicted actions I began to see the value, knowledge and the blessing of my dark night of the soul. I had now gained personal experience of massive loss, betrayal and theft and had witnessed myself taking on the role of the victim and inflicting pain and suffering onto myself. Along with my new opportunity to start over I began to see how my situation is so very like what other people are going through, it might not be the exact same circumstances but the patterns are the same I see everywhere.

A radical change in life and living situation, followed by a period of adjustment such as isolation, numbing with drugs, sex, food etc. This spiral continues to go down until something or someone wakes you up from your pain and misery. I call this rock bottom and this is your chance to regain power control. This is the call to action in the hero's journey.

Starting Over To Live Your Dreams is the name of my course and is based on my own experience of pain, struggle overcoming it and reinventing myself. The course also has many powerful parts that work with identifying the seed of the struggle, forgiveness, a release process and Qi gong based on the law of attraction and the power of prayer.

This is the best of what I have learned through my many years as a high performance coach, my experience as a dark night of the soul thriver and my heartfelt desire to assist others through their pain and suffering.

This brings me to my big why. In these times we collectively and individually experience extreme changes in the way the world turns and no one I know or have heard of has been unaffected by the events from the last couple of years. Massive change is upon us and personally I sense it's only the beginning. We need to find a way into our center and core values to reevaluate them and find clarity about who we like to become and align with. Let's get out of self-abuse and leave abusive situations because it is strangling us and giving our power away. It is time to reclaim our power, self control and our sovereignty. I know for a fact when other people bring their gift into the world others can follow. It's like one big puzzle, when you put your puzzle piece down others can use your puzzle to receive assistance and also put their puzzle piece down next to yours. It all becomes empowering and there is no better time to get aligned with your core beliefs than now.

You feel it, you know it lands for you and we are in this together. Answer this, how would you feel and how would your day look if you embodied your work passion, purpose and offering at a much higher, clearer level? Who would benefit from your offerings?

Partner, clients, audience, parents, children? And how would they benefit from you standing in your heart centered truth?

My last and final reason WHY is because I believe in the Mayan saying "In La Kesh Ala Kin" meaning 'I am another you'.

I believe we are all parts of the whole, and me, helping you, is helping me. I do this because I wish to help fellow men or women, and when I do,we all win. You win, I win and the collective wins.

In growth healing and happiness

Bo Nielsen

In La Kesh Ala Kin

Post # 1, 1/12/2024

Hi Friends, old, new and incoming.
I am chiming in with an announcement!!
I am rolling out a new program this spring. This program "Start Over to Live Your Dreams'' takes you from where you are today, to a clear path based on your dreams and desires. This is for people who are looking for a fresh start by installing sustainable, healthy strategies for reinventing and realigning themselves this year.
Does your life feel turned upside down, inside out, or have you radically changed your life and/or living situation? Do you want to live with more purpose and passion? If so, consider this your sign to work with me..
If you feel like you are in crisis or need support recovering from one, you could see this as a paradigm shifting opportunity. All crises are blessings in disguise.
I invite you to take a deeper look and observe how much easier it is to start fresh by clearing out the old thought patterns, behaviors, ideas , compared to when in motion with unhealthy emotional baggage. There is knowledge and wisdom you receive by going through a very stressful time.Experiencing the end or collapse of something that seemed essential, valuable and comfortable ALWAYS presents us with an opportunity for a new beginning
This is a profound opportunity to renew your life in a very conscious way by aligning your core values, purpose and passion. Are you ready to 'Start Over to Live Your Dreams'? Would you like to know more? Contact me @ activatesynergynow@gmail.com @ 858-603-8211

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