Qi Gong
Qi Gong is the ancient art and science of harmonizing earth and sky energies to balance and tonify the physical and energetic bodies. Qi Gong practice energizes the body's energy channels (meridians) to improve and maintain a healthy mind and body. Qi Gong is a meditative practice using breathing techniques, slow fluid movement, consciousness and imagination.

Forms of Qi Gong I teach.

Warm Up
General warm up of the entire body including stretches, tapping and rotations of joints and end on a brief meditation.
Developed by Bo Nielsen.

Love and Light
We bring energy (light and love) from the sky and earth, to nurture our hearts and bring light to our cells. Then we share the excess with the world.
Developed by Bo Nielsen.

With a clear intention we focus on what we wish to bring into our lives. In 4 directions we open, absorb and radiate the image, feeling and speak it into physical form.
Developed by Bo Nielsen.

A practice that contributes to restoring balance and strengthening the human immune system.
Developed by Grandmaster Pang He Ming.

In Qi Gong, directing the internal activities of the mind-consciousness is as important as performing the actual physical movements. Students learn to regulate their internal Qi flow to improve their health and wellbeing, help recover from illnesses, enhance their mental faculties and promote longevity. Practitioners can also use Qi to heal themselves and other people, drawing from the limitless reservoir of Qi from the universe.
Through regular and precise practice, millions of Qi Gong practitioners have reported a higher level of overall health, vitality, reduced injury time, increased stamina, mental well-being and inner peace.

Private and semi-private classes are offered in North County
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