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How would you like to integrate Sound Healing to your practice of Massage, Bodywork, Yoga, Meditation, NLP, Psychology or Breathwork? Could Sound Healing Certification give you a more nurturing and beneficial edge as a Caregiver in a nursing home or as a Educator of Youths or Adults with a Disability?

Learning to play the monochord requires no prior music experience or knowledge about rhythm, melody or counting beats. The solution is an intuitive, easy to learn harmonic approach to enhance your practice with the sounds of the monochord. Monochord greatly complements meditation through its dronish and rich wave-like overtone sounds. Enhancing the space where it is played is a special experience for the person playing this healing Instrument. The Monochord from Feeltone allows you to provide a wonderful sound massage by placing it on the receiver so the sounds are heard and felt in the physical body.
Workshop; "The secret of the monochord"

This hands-on workshop will give you the opportunity to play, experience, and learn more about the Feeltone Monochords and the Monolina Body Therapy Monochord. While these instruments are completely intuitive and require no prior musical knowledge nor ability to play, specific techniques are offered in this training that will deeply improve your ability to play the Instruments with beauty and ease.

You will evoke the elements of nature and hold a deeply meditative space when playing for others. All of these techniques can be used for sound massage, group meditation sessions, singing accompaniment and voice work, or to enhance any kind of hands-on healing work from acupuncture to massage therapy.
In this course you will:

  • Learn Monochord playing techniques; How to create a "flying sound carpet" rich with overtones, and how to bring out the different overtones to the accent you're playing.
  • Be given the opportunity to open your ear to the harmonic spectrum, be shown how to differentiate between different sound qualities, and understand the difference between tuning options for the Monochord strings.
  • Have clinical practice time: receiving the vibrations of these therapeutic instruments as a client, and giving supervised sessions as a sound practitioner.
  • Experience how playing a Monochord can open a new space for you; allowing you to relax, rejuvenate, and nourish yourself and others.
Secrets of the Monochord Workshop - 18 Hours
Friday / Saturday / Sunday or Saturday / Sunday - $499
Introduction Class is a quick overview of the Certification and a brief walkthrough of the basic concepts of play. You will get to experience playing the Monochord and also receive a sample session from your Instructor.
Secrets of the Monochord 1 Hour Introduction Class - $99
You can submit the Course Schedule to the CMTE Board to get 18 CMTE credits if you are a Music Therapist! Contact me at for more details.
What is a monochord?

The Feeltone Monochord is an ancient and timeless Instrument reimagined for contemporary sound therapy practices. Beautifully hand-crafted in Germany, Feeltone Monochords are designed to be placed directly on the human body and played by a Sound Practitioner, sending soothing vibrations within.

A cascade of natural acoustic overtones is created by gently running the fingers over the Monochord strings, allowing the body to take in the "sonic nutrients" it chooses. In this modality, there are no electromagnetic fields, no electronic sounds, and no "one size fits all" approach to sound healing as can occur when working with prerecorded music.

Working with natural acoustic instruments allows a practitioner to actively engage with a client and create an individually tailored session working harmoniously with individual needs, energies, rhythms, and boundaries.
Basic seminar 'The Secret of the Monochord'

The monochord in its origin is tuned only to one tone and was played by Pythagoras, who discovered the overtone series and thus the law of sphere harmony.

Today there are many different monochord designs. The character has remained the same. The many strings produce single-coloured, monochrome sounds. Even a soft swipe with your fingers creates an enveloping soundscape on which delicate overtone melodies unfold and wonderfully touch body, mind and soul.

The trainees are amazed when they balance the spherical, oceanic sounds with deliberately differentiated playing techniques and discover the variety of design possibilities. They experience everything that develops through knowledge, skill and practice while bringing to life all the beauty, power and depth of the sphere harmony.

In this seminar, you will learn the principle that hides behind the Monochrome sounds and why these sounds affect us so transformatively. The comprehension goes beyond the perception of one's own body. With an enjoyable, alternating schedule of playing the Instrument, listening and relaxing, you will get to know the nature and handling of the Monochord and discover a whole new world of spheric music.

In the basic seminar, I will use demonstrations and practical exercises to teach you how to use the monochord in meditations and simple sound treatments or as an accompaniment to other meditative instruments and chants. You will immerse yourself in new spaces that give you joy in playing, silence, security and inner peace. Musical prior knowledge is not necessary.
Seminar Topics:
  • History of the monochord
  • Organology (study of musical instruments)
  • Principle of operation
  • First immersion in the world of overtones
  • Sound and the connection, hearing-feeling and understanding
  • Learning playing techniques
  • Tuning, maintenance, changing the strings
  • Practical exercises involving various playing parameters
  • Introduction to sound meditation and contraindications
  • Introduction to different body of sound
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